Division-Won Consulting aims to produce college-level student athletes that are prepared to exceed at the collegiate level, both in the classroom and on the lacrosse field. We understand the importance of an education for our clients. While lacrosse is a rapidly growing sport, it’s no secret that the majority of college lacrosse players will be going pro in a professional field, rather than on the lacrosse field.

How We Prep Student Athletes for College

Our process begins in high school, where D-1 works with student athletes to prepare leaving home and being a part of a college program. Our academics and college planning  services lay out the blueprint for success and acceptance, and provides the student athlete with the resources and tools to accomplish their goal of being accepted to a college of their choice.
As a lacrosse-specific recruiting company, the D-1 team has developed unique relationships with lacrosse programs from Division 1 all the way through junior colleges and community colleges. We help each student athlete determine a list of college lacrosse programs that their skills and abilities would be a good fit for, and develop communication and recruiting plans  to approach each school. Our staff will recommend tournaments and showcases to attend during your recruiting period, ensuring that you receive the exposure needed to catch the attention of a program.

Leadership Skills for Student Athletes

A major quality that every college lacrosse program looks for in a high school student athletes is leadership. The ability to enter a program as a freshman and make an impact is often a difference maker in a team’s success. Our leadership development services aim to help our clients hone in on the skills that make them a well-rounded leader, both on and off the field.

Communication skills, media interaction training, group collaboration, and time management are just some of the areas that we work to develop. Student athletes heading into college with skills like this are setting themselves up to excel and rise above other recruits in the program.

Performance Enhancement for High School Lacrosse Players

Every lacrosse player knows that skills alone will only get you so far. Earning a spot on a college lacrosse roster requires weeks and months of hard work and preparation. D-1’s performance enhancement  services are designed to push the student athlete to attain their maximum potential as they enter college. Our program focuses on 5 key areas: movement, endurance, strength, flexibility, and nutrition. By developing on-field abilities while maintaining a diet that aids in the body’s growth and recovery, our clients are provided with the discipline and routine to stay in top form throughout their college career.








Letters of Recommendation

  • "We have thoroughly valued and appreciated our relationship with Sam over the past seven years. Not only has he helped our son sharpen his skills as a goalie, but through his guidance, has helped him develop life skills. Sam's enthusiasm, support, and genuine interest in the people he meets is evidenced by the strong relationships he develops and the trust he earns by doing what is in the best interest of the student athlete as he or she navigates through school, the recruiting process, and life."

    Mr. & Mrs. Leniw Parent, Ivy League Lacrosse Commit 2022
  • “Coach Altiero has worked with me for over two years. During that time, I have developed into a more confident player. Without his dedication to my game, my skill set would not be where it is now. I have greatly improved my positioning, explosiveness, and communication, not only because Coach Altiero knows a lot about the game of lacrosse, but because he really cared and was committed to my success. He demanded the best out of me, and did so through clear and honest communication. If I wasn’t playing well in practice, he would be the first to tell me. If I played an outstanding game, he’d let me know that I had achieved a new standard and anything less would be unacceptable. Throughout it all, he believed in me. Coach Altiero has taught me about how to be a man on and off the field, and because of this, he is more than just another coach to me.”

    Max Scheidl Student-Athlete, Hamilton College Men’s Lacrosse 2021
  • “Coach Altiero is the most devoted, caring, and supportive coach, mentor, teammate I have ever had in my eleven years as a three sport athlete. If you asked him to travel across the world because you needed a favor, without hesitation he’d be happy to do it. There is no other guy I’d want to lead and guide me though high school lacrosse, academics, and life decisions.”

    Miles Leniw Prospective Student-Athlete, Ivy League Lacrosse 2022
  • "Coach "Hammer" is not just a mentor/coach to me, but I consider him family. I have never seen a man put in so much time and effort into making his players better men on and off the field. The passion and energy he puts forth is incredible. Every push up he made me do, for right or wrong, he did with me. I don't think there is another coach that cares more about me and pushes me as hard as Coach Altiero."

    Jack Anderson Student Athlete, St. Joseph University Men’s Lacrosse 2021
  • "Coach Sam is an incredible coach and an even better person. I had the luxury of working with him for a few years of my life and without a question I would say he is one of the most hardworking, dependable, and involved Coaches I have ever had. He’s one of those guys who just knows what to do and how to do it at all times. His composure and ability to connect with his players is unmatched. Coach Sam exemplifies a great leader and I wouldn’t want anyone else helping me along with the recruiting process as I know he’s always got my back."

    Tommy Shelling Prospective Student-Athlete, Leigh University Men’s Lacrosse 2022