Division-Won, or as most know us, D-1, was founded with the purpose of making the college recruitment process easier for lacrosse players. Our recruiting system is designed to utilize all areas of the student athlete’s abilities, ranging from academic enrichment, to sport training, to character development and social responsibility. A customized mix of in-person training/consulting and video-conferencing/emails allows D-1 to aid in the college recruiting process, regardless of where you may live in the USA.

Undertaking the college recruiting process can be a stressful time for a student athlete, but an even more stressful time for the parents! With so much on the line academically and financially, landing the right scholarship, at the right school, with the right program, all while managing senior year of high school, (and probably some club ball too!) leaves very little time for families to give college recruiting the time that it requires. D-1’s recruiting program is designed to have your own “college/lacrosse counselor” at your service.

How We Help High School Athletes with the College Recruiting Process

Not only will we be able to walk you through the in’s and out’s of NCAA eligibility, differences between D1, D2, & D3, and assessing athletic scholarship offers, but we will also help you find schools with programs you are interested in majoring in, writing college essays and personal statements, preparing for college interviews, and even reviewing college applications before they are sent out.

Parents, we’re here to help your student athletes obtain the greatest amount of success they can as they move from high school to college, both academically and on the lacrosse field. Please visit the services section of our website to learn more about the specific services we offer to our valued clients.

Our Background in Lacrosse

On the athletic side, our team at Divison-Won is filled with former college lacrosse players who have an eye for talent and a first hand experience of how to have a successful 4 years of college lacrosse. Beginning with an initial skills evaluation, we will provide comprehensive strategies for effectively self-marketing the student athlete to college coaches, including contact information and arrangement of official and unofficial college visits.

When the time comes to commit, D-1 will be right there to guide the student athlete through signing a National Letter of Intent. As the recruiting process continues, we’ll monitor and advise correspondence with coaches and athletic departments, as well as prep for in-person and phone interviews. Once a spot on the roster is secured, we work with the student athlete to develop goals for their time in college, both short and long-term.