Leadership Development

Division-Won aims to build up each student athlete into a leader, both on and off the field. We’ve found that coaches and athletic departments are much more receptive to a student who communicates concisely, interviews well, and shows organizational skills. Our leadership development programs focuses on creating a well-rounded student athlete who will not only excel during their college career, but also post-graduation when they’ll enter the professional world.

How We Develop Leaders Both on and off the Field

Communication is the foundation of any good leader, and that is the focus of our leadership development program. D-1 helps our clients develop valuable skills ranging from media training, building a personal identity, teamwork and collaboration skills, and interviewing. Regardless of if the student athlete is facing an admissions interview, a call with a potential college program, a term project in a course, or a job interview, they’ll be armed with the abilities and knowledge to push themselves to the forefront of the situation.

In addition to communication and teamwork skills, Division-Won helps student athletes  take ownership of their lives. While the decisions made are always up to the student athlete, Division-Won’s support team is always there to provide structure and guidance, as well as helping to make the right decisions. Additional fields that D-1 provides guidance in include personal growth, health and wellness, organization and time management, peer-to-peer interactions, and career planning. These invaluable skills will benefit the student athlete during their time on the collegiate lacrosse fields, as well as in the office or workplace after their college career has wrapped up.


What are the Qualities of a Well-Rounded Student Athlete?

A well-rounded student athlete is made from a combination of positive external influences, a network of reliable and trusted peers, an experienced coaching staff, and proper leadership training and information. Division-Won’s goal of our leadership program is to give each student athlete the leg up as they enter a college lacrosse program. This will allow our athletes to put themselves in the best positions to be noticed by coaching staff for not only their on-field abilities, but also their year-round leadership skills.

Coaching staffs are not just looking for on-field leaders anymore, but want a student athlete that will approach an off-season, weight training, study hall, video session, or term project with the same tenacity and leadership as they would approach a big game.

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