Performance Enhancement

The college lacrosse game requires a different level of fitness and performance than most student athletes are used to from their high school and club careers. Division-Won’s performance enhancement program utilizes state-of-the-art technology and educational methods to help our student athletes succeed at the next level of lacrosse. Our training techniques are designed to build both physical and mental toughness that will translate throughout a lifetime.

World Class Training Programs for Lacrosse Players

Our team at Divison-Won is filled with former college lacrosse players who have been successful both on and off the field. This has allowed us to create a unique training program that focuses on all aspects that lacrosse players need to be successful. The world class training programs that Division-Won utilizes focuses on 5 core areas:



Speed and agility are the main focuses of movement training. These areas translate directly to the lacrosse field in the form of footwork, cutting, and open-field speed.


Endurance training is designed to ensure that the student athlete will have just as much in the tank late in the game as they did during the opening whistle.


Strength training focuses on explosiveness on the field, which in lacrosse can be the difference between winning a ground ball or face off, as well as being in the right positioning in front of the cage while holding off a defender.


Flexibility training is designed to help student athletes be able to stand up the rigors of an intense college lacrosse season. With focus on core strength and balance, this training builds strength in vital muscles that prevent injuries and aid in recovery.


When most parents think of their student athlete’s nutrition during college, a common thought is that they’ll be living off pizza and french fries from the dining hall. While they aren’t completely wrong, most colleges and universities now offer a wide variety of dining options that cater to different tastes and nutritional needs.

Our nutritional education program will equip the student athlete with the skills and know-how on how to attain optimal everyday nutrition with the meal options that are provided by their university. Student athletes will study areas of nutrition such as nutrient intake and timing, hydration strategies, dietary supplements that work (and which ones to avoid), body composition, weight issues, and energy balance. We also work with our student athletes to educate them on the advantages and risks that come with certain types of workout and dietary supplements, which are becoming increasingly popular on college campuses across the nation.