College Planning

The college admissions process can be a daunting process for students, whether they are athletes or not. Between the stresses of classes, events, games, practices, and being a high school-aged kid, many of the steps of getting into a dream college are well beyond the average 16-17 year old’s abilities and time constraints.

How We’re Different

Division-Won is here to take those stresses off the shoulders of the student athlete, along with their family members. As we always stress, to become a college lacrosse player, one must first be accepted into college. So many of the college lacrosse programs that we encounter place a significant amount of their admissions decisions on academia and most recruiting services are focusing solely on the athletic side.

Division-Won takes a completely different approach to recruitment. We feel that every student athlete should go into college with a concise and achievable plan to make the most out of their time in school, and to leave themselves in the best scenario upon graduation. Our college planning service helps our clients set these goals, and gives them the roadmap they’ll need to complete them.

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How We Help with College Planning

Our team at D-1 often finds themselves in a mentoring role with student athletes, where they’ll discuss academics and extracurricular activities, making the most of out of their remaining semesters in high school, and understanding dreams and career goals to help narrow down a field of study. Once a preliminary list of colleges and majors is compiled, Division-Won will begin guiding the student athlete and their family into the application processes, as well as arranging for visits to the college and/or athletic department staff.


During this portion of the recruiting process, we’ll establish goals for the student athlete, both academically and on the lacrosse field. Every student athlete dreams of making it to the pros after college, and we will support every one of them! The reality is, that a very, very small percentage of college lacrosse players will make it to the professional level.

College applications can be an overwhelming ordeal to keep up with, especially when practices, games, and homework are consuming weeknights, and tournaments on the weekends require travel. Our team at D-1 will also act as your “application coordinator,” assisting along the way with areas such as letters of recommendation, personal statements, college essays, and in-person interviews. Each application, along with its supplementary materials, is thoroughly reviewed by our team before being submitted.